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Prerequisite For Being The Full Stack Java Developer

Introduction :

  • As you can see that the technology is going to groom up day by day and accordingly Technical world are also going to get changes as fast as the technology changes.
  • By changing the requirement, the technical jobs are also going to change rapidly.
  • In previous 5 years back if you see then it was very easy to get a job by just knowing one technology or programming language, and somehow to survive in the position for many years without used to learn new concepts.
  • But now a days being the freshers Many of us may get into programming and web development world by just knowing one or two technology like C++, Java and JavaScript, but that won’t be sufficient to cut the ice anymore.
  • Here there were a dedicated teams of tens or more number of people are used to doing specialized jobs like front-end development and it is done by a separate set of developers and back-end is written by other sets of programmers, commonly known as server-side developers.

Factor responsible for such drastic and rapid changes:

In today’s such a competitive world, the major factors which are responsible for these major changes are :

  • The user’s expectation has gone very high due to emergence of advanced technology.
  • Demand of users became more, and they need the sophisticated interfaces.
  • Emergence of such advance programming concept.
  • Lack of awareness among the students regarding the Upcoming and ongoing Technology.
  • Now a day most of the good, reputed companies are looking for Full Stack Java Engineers.
  • Most companies needed someone who knows both front-end and back-end technology and can work independently to develop a fully functional web application.

Fullstack Java Developer Online Training

What is needed to become a Java Full stack Developer:

  • To become a Java Full stack developer, one should be aware about both front end and the backend development process for developing the application.
  • Here I am going to discuss the few important courses which will definitely help you to become a full stack developer.
  • At a bare minimum, one should know at least a one frontend framework or library like Angular or React and another related to backend framework like Spring or Spring Boot.
  • In most of the cases the frontend is also going to be designed using the HTML, CSS, and Java script technology.
  • Similarly, to develop the backend application part we can choose the technology like Servlet, JSF, Weblogic etc.
  • But if we are going for choosing the framework as a choice then the best combination will be Spring Boot + Angular or Spring Boot + React.
  • But if you know Java, JSP, and Spring, then also you are qualified as a full-stack Java developer.

In the other aspect, I would also like to focus on another thing, that I suggest Java developer should also learn some tools like Docker, Jenkins, and Kubernetes.

It’s being expected from a good reputed companies that if the developer should know at least one of the above tools to drive the application for team and organization perspective, and learning these tools can potentially give you an edge over other full-stack developers.

In some of the companies may also looking for Java with cloud interfacing-based application.

For the candidates who wants to build their career in such field, for them I should highly recommend to learn about Cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku, or Openshift.

It is merely expected that in the mid of 2021, you will most likely to develop the cloud-native applications with Java based environment where you need to deploy both the concept together.

If to be a full stack Java developer, you are having a good knowledge of cloud platforms then definitely it goes a long way in deploying and developing applications for the cloud.

The AWS or Azure technology also give you an edge over another full-stack Java developer to get applying for the same job.

Scope and Facility Technologies :

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